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SuperMom Vouchers – Buy $100 Worth of SuperMom Vouchers & Get An Additional $15 For FREE

How Does It Work?

The Earlier You Purchase, The More Savings You Get!

Why You Should Get SuperMom Cash Vouchers

  • You really cannot miss SuperMom's FAMOUS Cash Vouchers which you can use to save 15% OFF your Maternity, Baby & Kids purchases!
  • Every $100 SuperMom Vouchers you purchase, you get an additional $15 worth of SuperMom Shopping Cash Vouchers for FREE!!
  • Instant cash savings of ADDITIONAL 15% sponsored by SuperMom organisers!
  • Vouchers are stackable with no minimum spend!
  • AND and....the best part, it is REFUNDABLE. If you cannot find anything to buy which is super duper can REFUND the vouchers!!!! (T&Cs apply, see below)
  • You can use it at almost ANY BOOTH (except Guardian, milk, diaper, insurance & Super Crazy Deals that requires a minimum spending at SuperMom Baby Fair or a minimum spending within any Exhibitor's booth)
  • Vouchers will only be sold online and not during the fair so don't miss out on extra savings!!!

How to use the vouchers?

    1. Purchase your SuperMom vouchers online
    2. Reserve the items you want during SuperMom's no prepayment pre-order at $1/item
    3. During the fair, collect your SuperMom vouchers at the redemption booth
    4. Purchase almost anything, including your reserved items, using your SuperMom vouchers!

SuperMom Vouchers have been sold out 3X in a row during SuperMom Baby Fair Feb'17 & over 10,000 parents have benefited from SuperMom Cash Vouchers over the past 3 years. So don't miss out on your chance to SAVE as voucher promotions are LIMITED, so we won't be EXTENDING once it's sold out!

Limited quantities available on a first-come-first-serve basis so BE QUICK!

Super Duper Deals You Can Expect From SuperMom Baby Fair

Where & How Do I Collect My Vouchers??


  • All SuperMom Voucher Redemptions can be collected from the Redemption Booth outside Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401-404 from 10am daily between 25-27 August 2017
  • Visitors must bring the PRINTED receipt generated online to exchange for actual vouchers during SuperMom Baby Fair (25-27 August 2017)
  • Visitors must collect the vouchers with the actual NRIC/identification card that is used to register online
  • Redemption of vouchers on behalf of NRIC holder who registered for the voucher is not allowed. NRIC holder must collect the voucher on the actual day
  • All SuperMom vouchers will be available in $50 and $5 denominations and is only applicable for customers who have purchased online prior to the Baby Fair
  • All voucher denominations given are fixed and may not be exchanged for smaller/bigger denominations


Terms & Conditions


$50 SuperMom Cash Vouchers
  • Sale of $50 SuperMom Cash Vouchers is strictly limited to 6 pieces per NRIC
  • Vouchers is only available for sale online and will not be sold during the SuperMom Baby Fair on 25-27 August 2017 at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401-404
  • $50 SuperMom Cash Vouchers have no minimum spend and are stackable (means you can use multiple vouchers within one receipt!)
  • Vouchers are only valid for use when it is stamped and signed by SuperMom organiser
  • Each voucher is to be fully redeemed at one exhibition booth. This means that a single voucher cannot be split up and used across purchase from different exhibitors
  • Vouchers CANNOT be used for Guardian, milk, diaper, financial products & Super Crazy Deals that requires a minimum spending at SuperMom Baby Fair or a minimum spending within any Exhibitor's booth
  • Remaining value of a voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or credited in any way
  • Vouchers can only be utilised during SuperMom Baby Fair from 25-27 August 2017 at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401-404
  • The cash voucher is the responsibility of the holder. SuperMom Baby Fair will not be held liable for the loss or damage of the voucher
  • SuperMom Baby Fair reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use of voucher as deemed appropriate

$50 SuperMom Cash Vouchers Refunds
  • Refunds are only applicable for those holding $50 denomination vouchers. Refunds can be done at Redemption Counter from 25-27 August 2017 at SuperMom Baby Fair, Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401-404.
  • There will be a transaction fee of $5 for EACH $50 voucher refunded. This means that we will be refunding you a total of $45 if you have paid $50 for the SuperMom Voucher.
  • Strictly NO cash refunds will be made onsite. Any refund will be returned to your payment source (i.e. Smoovpay) within 30 working days from the end of the event
  • Any unused voucher must be returned for processing by 27th August 2017, 7.30 pm. No refunds will be accepted after the stipulated time