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Supermom Award 2019

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Our Testimonials

  • Mummy Yee Ting
    Love the spacious walking space at Supermom MBS Feb fair! No need to squeeze like sardine or feet being ramp over by stroller. Good location & good deals! ❤
    Mummy Yee Ting
  • Mummy Guan Yini
    At SuperMom Baby Fair, you will find not only great deals, but also many fun activities and contests for your little one, and the heaviest goodie bag.
    Mummy Guan Yini
  • Mummy Natthanaree
    Awesome baby fair, lots of brands and goodies. Highly recommended to all mommies and daddies.
    Mummy Natthanaree
  • Mummy Carol Neo
    Really love SuperMom fair lots as a lot of free gifts, great deal, wonderful characters and yummy food too. My family esp my kids love it to max. Always love the events with great promotion
    Mummy Carol Neo
  • Mummy Jherlyn
    An awesome Baby fair! Initially was quite reluctant to go there as the fair was at MBS and everyone knows that the parking charges is exorbitant right! But we were pleasantly surprised that we could redeem an $8 cash back which fully covered our parking fees! Fantabulous right!!! There were plenty of great deals. The hub and I immediately zoomed in on the diapers deals as well as the Fisher Price exersaucer promotion! Much as we told ourselves th ...
    Mummy Jherlyn
  • Mummy Ivy
    Really enjoyed the Supermom Baby Fair at MBS! Not only did I snag a great Early Bird deal when I took leave from work to attend the first day, I managed to score a free goodie bag for my spending as well :) Best thing about the MBS venue is really the spacious layout, which allowed space for me to try the strollers, and it didn't feel claustrophobic or dangerous for pregnant mummies!
    Mummy Ivy
  • Mummy Candyce Ang
    I love going to baby fairs I get to buy a million things for my little baby who grows up soooo fast! I managed to chance upon SuperMom Baby Fair @ MBS in Feb and now their fairs are a MUST GO because I can get everything at a great deal.
    Mummy Candyce Ang
  • Mummy Jean Tan
    Got my baby shopping loots from SuperMom baby fair at such discounted prices, it was a steal! I managed to redeem lots of freebies too! It was a happy shopping experience.
    Mummy Jean Tan