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(For Mother Of The Year Nomination)

This year, we celebrate the SPECIAL mum, wife, sister, daughter or friend in our life with SuperMom’s FIRST Mother Of The Year Award.

Created to recognize these astounding women that has make a difference in our lives, the SuperMom Mother Of The Year Award showcases everyday mothers and great women who go over and above for our children, families and our communities.

Through the awards, we aim to honour inspirational mothers and share heart-warming stories from across the country.

This prestigious award is divided into 4 categories of SuperMoms that we deeply admired and would like to honour.

SuperMom Mother of the Year Award
  • • Power SuperMom – a mother who is a leader and who have made a huge mark in the business or corporate world
  • • Selfless SuperMom – a mother who takes on selfless and unconditional responsibility for the family or to the community
  • • Mrs SuperMom –a mother who still WOWs with her outlooks and appearance despite her busy responsibilities and schedule
  • • Celebrity SuperMom – a mother that is in the spotlight and has demonstrated her ability to balance her role as a celebrity and a mother

  • Nominate for that SPECIAL mother NOW and submit your nomination


    Judging Criteria:

    • All nominations must be completed with information including the nominee’s photo and REASONS why she should win the award
    • Completed entries will be shortlisted by a panel from Motherhood Magazine and organizer of SuperMom Baby Fair
    • Shortlisted contestant will progress to the next round of judging by a panel from Motherhood Magazine and organizer of SuperMom Baby Fair
    • Submission deadline is 28 February 2019
    • Winners announcement and award presentation will be held on 4 May 2019

    To submit your entries, please click